December 2020 Cosmic Guided Meditation


December is a powerhouse month that brings a Total Solar Eclipse, the Solstice, and the fated Jupiter- Saturn Great Conjunction. With so many high-frequency energies on offer to us all through the month, this meditation is designed to help lift your vibration, align your energetic body, and bring healing and ascension to the collective.

For this meditation use headphones.

In this meditation, you will be taken on a relaxation journey, listening to gentle binaural music. From this relaxed state, you will chant affirmations, work with the light of your heart to heal and elevate yourself and the collective consciousness, and connect with your guides and higher self to receive a powerful message.

While this meditation is created in accordance with the energies of December 2020, it is also great to use for:

  • Ascension
  • Raising your vibration
  • Boosting the collective consciousness
  • Helping shift the earth into higher frequencies
  • Relaxation
  • Spirit Guide messages
  • Easing growing pains and ascension symptoms
  • Galactic activations
  • Connecting to the collective and oneness

I recommend doing this meditation as often as possible, but especially on December 7, 12, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 29, 30, and 31.

Once you receive the link for your meditation, please be sure to download it in full before beginning your meditation. (More instructions below)

For best listening results, listen with headphones, and download and save the meditation to your device before listening rather than playing it through the link.

Prices are in USD.

Meditation is approximately 13 minutes

Music: “Finding Stillness Binaural Music” by Chris Collins


After purchasing, you should be redirected to your receipt and a link to download the meditation. Please click the download link and then DOWNLOAD and SAVE the file to your phone or computer so it can play uninterrupted.

After ordering, you will also receive an email titled- “Your Forever Conscious Order has been Completed”. In this email, you will find a link to download your meditation.

The meditation will be delivered as a .mp3 file

Meditation is designed for PERSONAL USE ONLY. If you would like to use the meditation in a group setting please contact me.

All purchases are final. Meditation purchases are strictly non-refundable.

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