I recently had Tanaaz Chubb complete an Intuitive Astrology Reading for me, and it was by far the most accurate, insightful and enlightening report I have ever received. I am a successful entrepreneur with many years of marketing communications experience, having gone through a number of career-life transitions and challenges over the last 30 years. My question to Tanaaz was about how to best move forward in my work and life purpose areas, given all the changes in my life…while taking into account my astrological influences. Tanaaz’s advice was spot on in every area of my personal and professional life. Tanaaz’s genius and special gifts are her ability to capture your total essence- -who you are, who you can become… all within the realm of YOU being the author of your life plan and destiny. I give my highest recommendations for Tanaaz Chubb’s work, as her light and intuitive wisdom are indeed life-changing.
- Jordan A.
I was feeling drawn to have an astrology reading but with someone who is also very connected with the energies. I put a message out into the universe to find someone that was also very spiritually connected so they could tap into my core. Tanaaz came into my awareness and I was drawn immediately to do my reading with her. I got an Intuitive Astrology Reading and I absolutely love it! It helps me to breath into my self. Helping me understand how perfect my feelings are at this time because she helped to explain what is deep within me. I read it often especially when I feel a change that comes about that reminds me of what she wrote. She is helping me move forward in gratitude. Thank you Tanaaz for all the information you are delivering! P.S. I also like that the reading comes in a writing format.
- Jennifer S.
I recently had an Intuitive Astrology Reading completed by Tanaaz. I was very pleasantly surprised. I was blown away by the amount of information I received. She made me feel empowered to make changes in my life, and provided a lot of direction and guidance. Every time I read her report learn something new. I highly recommend having a reading done by Tanaaz and also visiting her website. Both have really helped me along my journey.
I had an intuitive astrology reading done by Tanaaz, and it was so accurate and informative, that I immediately ordered a follow-up reading. I’ve had other readings done, which, while often accurate, didn’t give me the depth or insight that Tanaaz’s readings did. Tanaaz’s readings have helped me to see the best way to navigate my current life situations. Her gentle insights clearly come from an intuitive, wise, compassionate, and healing person. In addition to her readings, Tanaaz also has an abundance of amazing information available on her website, which I have found very interesting and helpful. I will definitely be using Tanaaz’s services in the future, and I would highly recommend her.
- Deb U.
Tanaaz is not only a great astrologist, she’s a highly intuitive person that can tap into your energy through astrology and tell you things that no other astrologist would be able to tell you. At first, it can seem a little intimidating, scary and intense. But, once she gets going you start to see how it all fits together and that although it can be extremely revealing, there is nothing to be afraid of. I’ve had other astrology reads and this is leaps and bounds beyond a simple astrology read, in fact this is definitely a combination of astrology, intuition, psychic sense, and what have you. She’s incredibly gifted in her craft.

The experience goes beyond a traditional astrology reading and if you think you know what an astrology reading is, you will be in for quite a pleasant surprise after you hear from Tanaaz.
- Brian E.
I have never been a believer of astrology until Tanaaz did my reading. She was very accurate about personal specific details in my life and as time goes on, she continues to be. What made her so different and life changing was not only her accuracy, but also her caring and dedicated demeanor. She made sure to answer all of my questions and stayed very involved throughout the process. She has integrated herself into my life as a mentor. I now recommend that all my family and friends look into their astrology getting read, all thanks to that very special person, Tanaaz.
- Dallas M.
Tanaaz is a very accurate and highly intuitive astrologer. Always consistent, speaks her truth and explains it in a gentle and humane way, in case you don’t understand it. Truth is delivered almost in a scientific fashion at times, intertwined with emotional sensitivity at other times. It is a great balance and a very trustworthy one. Since she started doing readings for me, I’ve grown more interested in astrology and understand it better. But better yet, the best part about her is the fact that she is energetically generous, this always makes a client feel good without feeling like Tanaaz is doing it for her own purpose.
- Hengi P.
I swear by Tanaaz’s astrology! She has always been so right about everything. When I had gotten readings in the past there was never a connection the reader would try to make, and for the most part I was told completely bogus things. What makes Tanaaz so unique is that she is extremely personal about everything and picks up vibes from the atmosphere and nature around you. She asks you to give her a question, but will answer hundreds of other things about you that she gets from looking at your chart. She goes above and beyond, and makes you hopeful without cheating you. I’ve been getting readings from her for about 3 or so years now, and I love reading them back later on. It’s crazy because when I look at readings that are a couple of years old, she was able to see so much that actually did happen. There have been times when I don’t understand or believe what she says will happen,and then when I look back I realize all of it did. She gives you just hints without revealing to much of your future, which I love because it still naturally unfolds instead of you searching for it or making it happen sooner. If you ever want an astrology reading, the only person I know who you can trust with anything and expect purely the best, is Tanaaz.
- Jade M.
Tanaaz recently did an intuitive reading for me. I truly valued the experience and report I received. It was very down to earth, profound and insightful in many subtle ways. More importantly, it certainly helped guide me through my own thought process and helped me to understand my own journey with greater clarity. I appreciated how responsive she was to my follow up questions as well as her friendly and gracious manner
- Mark
Tanaaz’s reading was by far one of the best readings I have ever had. To be clear: I haven’t had a bunch of readings, but the couple I did have seemed a little gimmicky and forced, Tanaaz’s reading was neither of these. Tanaaz gives you a reading and helps you understand what she is saying, rather than striking fear or anxiety into you like I have had some readers do for me in the past. When Tanaaz was doing my reading I felt like she was doing it because she cared and was interested in astrology, not because she was interested in the nominal fee that comes with the reading. I would definitely recommend her to anyone that is curious about astrology and wants an honest person to guide them.
- Mark A.
I was actually pretty skeptical going into my first reading with Tanaaz, but it turned out to be very accurate! She brought up specific things from my past that we were able to talk about, and helped me realize some of my own gifts. It was such a helpful and informative session, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to learn a little bit about themselves.
- Aprile R.
I always thought astrology was knowing what the future held in store for me and to my mind that was a frightening prospect. A reading with Tanaaz turned this notion around. I felt that I was given the tools to empower me to get the best possible outcomes for the future rather than being told my future was cast in stone and I had no choice in the matter. Thanks Tanaaz for freeing me from fear and allowing me to take control of my destiny in a positive way.
- Anna C.
I love Tanaaz’s work! I met her through a friend briefly before she read me. She didn’t know much about me personally besides that I was new to the area and that I was from NY where our mutual friend was from. I know our friend hadn’t given her a rundown of my life before we met so I was pleasantly astonished with every word she gave me through my reading (which was not in person). I was taking a break from emails at work and took an astrology quiz for a short fun distraction. The results I got were alarming and I did not know if I should trust it but at the same time it still bugged me. I decided to reach out to Tanaaz because our mutual friend had told me she did readings and I figured she’d be able to tell me if this quiz thing was a hoax.

Instead of a yes or no she just told me she’d give me her own basic reading to see what’s going on. I knew nothing about this so there wasn’t really anything specific I had her try to seek out for me. By only giving her a few details about my birthday, she came up with truly amazing answers.

She knew I was a twin, she knew about her crazy ex boyfriend that is still holding her back from life. She knew about my twin and myself a relationship together. She knew about my health struggles in the past and present. She told me career options that I will probably end up doing (which literally that week I had started looking into privately) and she gave me a snippet about my love life to come. I was amazed.

I’d tell anyone to go to her for a reading, she is amazing and awesome and her talent/gift is just a beautiful thing. The most surprising thing of all was that it was all online. She wasn’t sitting in front of me or on the phone, there was no way for her to use my reactions to mold her response, it was all there at once from miles away.
- Jess G.
I’d been experiencing challenges and uncertainties in my life when a friend recommended that I contact Tanaaz. Although I had never put much faith in chart readings before, I reached out to her and I am so thankful I did! I couldn’t believe how insightful and accurate my reading was, and Tanaaz clearly put tremendous heart and time into it. This experience has been so meaningful and eye opening for me. I now feel a greater sense of understanding and peace in my situation, and better prepared to move forward. I’m so grateful to Tanaaz and to my friend for recommending her.
- Erin B.
Thanks to Tanaaz’s very accurate reading, I have learnt many things about my personal situation. Or better yet, I have seen them, as they were already in front of me. That’s because when she talks to you, she is speaking with her heart and with a touchy, intuitive energy. I found it really uncommon to have a person that I haven’t met in real life, living on the other side of the planet, getting so in touch with my inner life. I kept reading her report everyday. And when I feel lost, I stop, find a calm place, and read her voice. It makes me feel better, instantly. It’s the clear vision of what I am, what I need and what it is happening to my life right now.
- Benedetta R.