Chakra Reset Cosmic Guided Meditation


The Chakra Reset meditation is the perfect way to push the reset button on your mind, body, and soul. It guides you through each of the chakras, allowing you to come into a state of alignment, balance, and harmony.

In this meditation, you will be taken on a soothing visual journey as you work with each of the seven main chakras. The meditation will also end with chanting Om to lift and raise your vibration.

This meditation is perfect for :

  • Resetting your energetic body
  • Coming back into energetic harmony
  • Bringing ease after stressful periods or traumas
  • Strengthening your energetic field
  • Welcoming new beginnings
  • Returning to yourself
  • Creating balance and ease
  • Returning to wholeness
  • Relaxation and destressing

This meditation is best done once daily for seven days.

For best listening results, listen with headphones.

Prices are in USD.

Meditation is approximately 15.5 minutes

Music composed by Chris Collins


After purchasing, you should be redirected to your receipt and a link to download the meditation. Please click the download link and then DOWNLOAD and SAVE the file to your phone or computer so it can play uninterrupted.

After ordering, you will also receive an email titled- “Your Forever Conscious Order has been Completed”. In this email, you will find a link to download your meditation.

The meditation will be delivered as a .mp3 file

Meditation is designed for PERSONAL USE ONLY. If you would like to use the meditation in a group setting (more than 5+) or for your workshop/retreat please contact me.

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