Heart Drumming Cosmic Meditation


In this recharging and detoxifying meditation, you will be guided to lightly drum on your chest, helping to activate your lifeforce energy and awaken your spirit. Heart drumming helps to stimulate the flow of vital energy in the body, allowing you to recharge and amplifying feelings of wellness, motivation, strength, and positivity.

In this 11-minute guided meditation, you will be taken on a relaxing journey and then gently instructed on how to begin heart drumming. You will also be guided to use your breath and the power of sound to amplify the effects of your practice. Think of this as an active meditation that will invigorate every cell in your body and awaken your spirit so you can feel more like your true and whole self.

This meditation can be used for-

  • Shifting stagnant energy
  • Boosting motivation and energy levels
  • Awakening your spirit
  • Boosting your life-force/qi/pranic energy
  • Increasing vitality and overall wellness
  • Returning to wholeness
  • Reducing stress and anxiety

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I recommend doing this meditation 2-5 times a week.

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