The Great Conjunction for your Sign


The alignment of Jupiter and Saturn is known as the Great Conjunction and it takes place on December 21, 2020.

For the last 200 years, the Great Conjunctions have almost always taken place in earth signs, but now, we are starting a new cycle with the Great Conjunction falling in the air sign of Aquarius.

The Great Conjunction unfolding in Aquarius brings the start of a new era and is said to bring Age of Aquarius themes into our reality.

In this report, you will discover what energies the Great Conjunction will bring for your sign over the coming years. As the energy of the Great Conjunction will be strongest for the 12 months following it, this report is also geared to focus on what themes, challenges, and gifts you will be working with throughout 2021.

Read for both your Sun and Rising sign and blend the interpretations together as you see fit.

The report contains an introduction plus readings for all 12 signs. Readings for each sign are about 750 words. The report is a total of 30 pages.

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RISING SIGN: You can discover your Rising Sign by drawing up your natal astrology chart using your date, place, and time of birth. There are many free online websites that can do this. If you don’t know your time of birth, that’s fine too! You can still learn a lot through reading the message written for your Sun and Moon sign.